Friday, June 22, 2012


As I listen to
"My night with the prostitute"
my desire grows

happy liver

the thirty years old
boy drinks milk in his weekend;
his liver happy


a Ukulele
daydreams of being in Beirut
somewhere in Thailand

---inspired by Beirut's music---

haiku tree

this night is a tree
and these haikus are its leaves
and i am autumn

my haiku

my name is akhu
i wear a pair of torn shoes
also i write haiku

JUne 23rd Haiku, 4.30 am

Sonnet or ballad
i don't care, life is too short.
i'm all for haiku
its been days i have
not written haikus for you
my morning sparrows

blame the newspapers
that i read in the mornings
of this dead valley